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All of its fine, 100% Kiwi-made furniture products offer a lifetime guarantee. Listed below you will discover the 10 mattresses that have been the very best for 2020. If it’s not for you, they’ll refund your money, pick it up and donate it to charity. For comfort, the inclusion of suede and rayon gives it a smooth feel and softness. Our people have extensive training and will work with you to find the best bed for you. A good mattress is essential. What’s your style? The height is measured at 42 cm from the floor. I'm … We also offer their electric and adjustable beds on our site. What’s even cooler is that you have a comfy flocked top for your built-in pillow on the edge. Debonaire Furniture has been assembling and distributing furniture since 1967. I absolutely love it and fully recommend it. the mattress The right mattress is the foundation for your dream bed. The more depth it has, the bigger the distance between the top and bottom of the mattress. If you need a spare bed for guests coming for the night, you’re in luck with the Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Queen-sized Airbed. 3. There are also other factors to consider such as the kind, durability, features, size, and coolness. The company also highly encourages users bigger in stature to use the UNIK X, since the model is 22 cm thick and can accommodate any weight, making it one of the best choices on this list. With all that in mind, let’s now get to our lineup of the best mattresses in New Zealand! Serta IComfort Blue Max Plush King Mattress, 8. Oakano Revive Elite Mattress. It’s been engineered perfectly for my sleeping styles. Furthermore, here’s Tudor Rose R. reviewing the product on The Warehouse store: “My partner and I bought this just the other day. We couldn’t be more pleased.”. 1. Personalise a Seraphic mattress to suit your preferences, special order to size, or simply choose a size and feel from our recommendations: Natural Beds can make and deliver your ideal bed. The company uses natural materials that are both biodegradable and sustainable, all the while offering each mattress of the highest quality at the best possible price. From contemporary four poster bed frames to more modern bed designs and styles, e xplore our range of designer beds today. Sealy Posturepedic and Sealy's contour pocket spring mattresses are proudly made in New Zealand, and Sealy is a certified member of Buy NZ Made. Sitting and lying on a variety of mattresses in a shop never gives you a real sleep experience so the inclusion of a 100 day sleep guarantee lets you assess whether the mattress suits you or not. And in our recent survey of more than 49,000 Consumer Reports members, Sleep Number was among the mattress brands rated highly for overall satisfaction. Not long after delivery she had an operation on her stomach. Its full body support is adapts to any body shape to align your spine. What’s more, they make them out of Ultrafresh treated foam — this material is antibacterial and can thus contribute to sleepers’ comfort. Note that you may get various grades of firmness and softness, so there’s such a thing as medium-firm. They are compact, flexible, and comfortable, and lying down on them lets you forget the stress of the day. Head into your local Sealy retailer to find out more about the Sealy Posturepedic difference. Mazon Virtali mattresses are made of a high density, visco-elastic material that contours to pressure and responds to temperature, providing a sense of weightlessness. Remember, they are listed in no particular order. Of the 4 mattress types we’ve seen, innersprings cost the least. Although its depth isn’t something to brag about, its minimalist design will fit any home that’s struggling for space. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t for a great night’s sleep. Your jaw might drop when you see its price, but consider the quality before you dismiss it altogether. Our Brands Bed Shop Online Sealy. Here’s what a customer has to say about the gel-infused memory foam: “All I can say is that this is the best mattress we’ve ever slept on, no more back pain just great sleeps” “I absolutely love my Mattress from Winkl. Latex foam mattresses are memory foam and innerspring mattresses in one. Among the reviews, people have commended its convenience when cleaning up and removing the covers. The difference is the new technology that combines gel-infused memory foam to create an extremely comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleeping experience. I do wish the storage bag was a little nicer and able to be sealed, but other than that, very happy with this product and highly recommend.”. We aim to sell the best and most sustainable kids furniture that can grow with our kids. I love the velour type coating on the top so it didn’t feel cold, which comes in handy on cold New England nights. They offer trials wherein you can try one for yourself with their famous 120-night in-home trial. They usually come with an electric pump responsible for that purpose and are among the most portable mattresses. Joanne K stated this about it on TheWarehouse: “Great comfortable bed.well padded and super comfortable topper on mattress.great delivery.”. Home to thousands of comforter sets, duvet cover sets, bed sheets, bed pillows, and bedding accessories, Bed Bath & Beyond has all the essential linens you'll need to make your bedroom the stylish sanctuary it is meant to be. 242 Ferry Road Since 1881, Sealy have been handcrafting beds. We have been situated at our premises at 242 Ferry Road for over 18 years now, where we have established an outstanding reputation amongst the Christchurch, Canterbury and South Island public. Since 1881, Sealy have been handcrafting beds. We offer an extensive range of mattresses to suit everybody’s need. The Coleman Quickbed has amassed a good number of fans. ), Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King, California King, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King, Ortho-cool Gel Memory foam infused with gel beads, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Single, Single King, Double, Queen, King, Super King, Mattress: Single (90×190 cm), King Single (107×202 cm), Double (137×190 cm), Long Double (137×202 cm), Queen (152×202 cm), King (167×202 cm), Super King (182×202 cm), Split Super King (2×91.5×202 cm), 100% Natural Latex, Coconut Husk Fibre, Organic Wool, Unbleached Organic Cotton, Single, Long Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King, Extremely comfortable and supportive, thanks to Magicoil spring system, Ultrafresh treated foam hinders the growth of bacteria, Extremely portable, set it up wherever you like, Polyester fiber provides softness and comfort during the night, Already comes equipped with a flocked pillow, Gel in the memory foam supports and adjusts to your body, Microfilament material keeps it clean and scent-free, Revive mattresses are CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 certified meaning they meet leading international standards for safe content and emissions, Most foams trap heat, but they use open-cell foams that have tiny pores to let excess hot air escape — so you can stay cool and comfortable, Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you’ll get just the pressure relief and support your body needs for comfy alignment. It’s up to you to pick the firmness, with choices between medium-firm and firm. Buy Beds NZ with big saving on! All you have to do is remove the outer cover and wash it. Memory Form just right feel is waiting for you. Like an elastic band, a memory foam stretches and descends as you sit down. This is thanks to the layer that is filled with gel so that the mattress conforms to your every move and imparts a cooler feeling. We are a furniture specialist in providing the best quality kids furniture to New Zealand Families. You will love sleeping on our mattresses. Entering 2020, the mattress market is flooded with several brand names. It can also be therapeutic in a way that’s perfect for people with back, hip, and neck pain. You want to pick material that fits your needs. However, most have given it a high score and called it worth the price. Some of the top manufactures of mattresses are Touchwood, Sleepyhead, Mothers Choice, … … It’s relatively quick to inflate, taking only 2 minutes of your time with the AC built in pump. The mattress is composed of multiple layers of memory foam and latex. Rest easy with our range of New Zealand made beds from Sealy and Tattersfield. Available in a selection of styles and sizes. Luxury beds are all about choosing the right materials. I love the height! For example, you typically want an air mattress to be made of thick PVC if you’re using it for travel or hiking, because that will make it durable. Its combination of responsive qualities relieves pressure on your whole body, giving new meaning to sleep. Their exclusive Winkl-Flex Comfort Foam provides the perfect amount of softness, bounce, and pressure relief for back, hip, and shoulders. No more painful feelings as you wake and you get more energy because of the support it offers. Great value Sofa Beds & Day Beds from famous brands like IKEA & Casa Vila. This spring system offers superb support for sleepers and is particularly good if you’re prone to feeling pressure or discomfort in your spine when lying down. And the double high size makes it feel doubly comfortable and soft. It is vacuum packed and rolled into a convenient box on wheels for easy handling. Products have up to a 10 year warranty. You’re sure to find a bed you will love, with friendly, knowledgeable consultants to help recommend the best product … If you’re looking for premium softness, then the Cloud is the way to go. Ecosa Mattress. You’ll also have to think about the depth. This pertains to the material that the mattress is made of, such as polyester, rayon, velvet, linen, PVC, suede, and visco-elastic cells. That qualifies it as one of the best mattresses in New Zealand. If your bed frame is the adjustable type, you can also experiment to place in your mattress with it propped up. But he said the body indentations in the mattress were “natural contouring”, not a manufacturing fault, and within Sleepyhead’s accepted range of 25 to 35mm. Other than that, if you’re actually looking for more of a living room mattress,  you may want to check out our article for the best sofa beds in New Zealand. Discover what makes Sealy Posturepedic mattresses superior, plus where to try & buy. There were critics too, of course, with some claiming a bad experience with the mattress deflating through different ways. She is normally is a side sleeper but was forced to sleep on her back after the op. Sealy's patented bed technology provides a great night's sleep and all the benefits of Sealy quality and durability with a 10 year warranty. We were a little dubious about purchasing a mattress online as we have always bought in-store. Tempur-Pedic is the top specialty-sleep brand. Made of different kinds of foam it’s breathable material and pressure relieving composition ensure that you remain undisturbed throughout the night. Among their small selection, the UNIK X stands out thanks to all that the mattress stands for. The Winkl mattress offers perfectly balanced comfort and support. They are also free from nasty chemical fire retardants and chemical-based glues. It engineers its product right down to the details with the customer in mind. This is a sign that the brand is confident in offering a reliable product to you. Oakano’s Revive Elite Mattress has a revolutionary Air Feel gel memory mattress that delivers superior pressure relief and features gel-infused memory foam that dissipates heat for cooler sleep as compared to the ordinary memory foam mattress. Sleeping on this memory mattress distributes your weight evenly, helping to align your back at night. When it comes to mattresses that are good for the user’s health (especially the spine) Innature is the best pick. Also, to prevent the bed from sagging, you can rotate the bed frequently from head to foot. You can have a good night’s sleep with Ecosa mattresses. Beds - … Whatever it is, we have something for you. Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed Twin. Guaranteed, or your money back! I no longer wake up with a painful body and to be honest look forward to every opportunity to sleep or even relax on my bed now. We got this for out of town family coming to visit and my husband and I joked after they left that we should have a camping night in the living room just for the heck of it. On the other hand, while a softer mattress is more relaxing and comfortable, there’s a chance it can sink from the natural process of using it everyday. Coleman Quickbed is perfect for those camping/fishing activities you’ve always wanted… especially in a country like New Zealand where adventures are abound. Mazon Virtali technology is also available in pillows and topper pads. After a week of sleeping on the lux I am not only not waking during the night and morning with any body pains but am also having a more peaceful sleep. This model prioritises the user’s comfort levels — coming in the soft, medium, or firm varieties. Listing of all mattress brands, manufacturers, and major product lines sold in the US and Canada. All of their materials meet leading international safety standards, including CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX. Actually, you can also have it with the Living & Co Luxury Mattress for just $749. The mattress is firm without being rock hard and it just molds to your body to provide great support. Kiwis are traditional by nature and stained wooden frames are our most popular but they aren’t for everyone. We’re committed to making beds in New Zealand, which not only provides local jobs, but also ensures all Kiwis get the highest quality products for the best possible sleep. You won’t even notice it because motion transference is so low! Let’s see one review by a Top 500 Reviewer from the Amazon site, Madeline Audrey: “Fabulous air bed – I’ve had several guests (and pets) enjoy it! Air mattresses are mattresses that are inflated and filled up with air. Cleaning is no fuss either, as you only need to spot-clean using a mild detergent. The Dunlop Orthozone mattress comes in a number of sizes and features Dunlop’s famous Magicoil system. Thanks heaps” “After a lot of research i bought this mattress initially because of the weight of it (my ‘old’ one weighed a tonne! They have a policy of using locally sourced materials wherever possible. Some less reputable foams trap heat badly, which may cause you to break into a sweat in hot weather. We specialise in New Zealand-made beds and bedroom furniture from quality manufacturers including: • Sealy. Good quality, would recommend !”. Both of us sat in the mattress and it does not wobble if one moves, great for sleeping when someone turns around a lot. Nice firm matress with a soft-firm foam topper thing on top. A. Sealy beds can be found throughout New Zealand. ALSO super quick and easy deflation with the built in cord and motor. Whether for the kids, guestroom or you, we have a range of options from single, double, queen and king from leading brand Sleepyhead. There are a lot of innerspring models on the market, but one of the best brands you can pick for them is Sealy. New Zealand designed and produced; we make all of the organic latex mattresses and timber frames in our West Auckland workshop. Aside from that, you are given a 5-year limited warranty for this product. Note that a higher depth doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more comfortable or that it’s firmer. Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews Nz-Best 10 Mattress Brands Of 2020. If you have or had, you can tell us what you think about them below in the comment section. And the foam is made of PVC that’s abrasion-resistant. Beautyrest offers a range of products through the Classic Collection, World Class Collection and top of the range Exceptionale beds, all with a 10 year warranty and New Zealand made. For a no obligation discussion on how we can assist you, please call one of our team! It’s easy to see why so many people recommended it to us! Despite such reports, most people loved it. BedsRus - New Zealand’s leading beds nz and mattress nz stores. One of the pediatricians shared that she is particularly thankful as now the docs can rest privately and comfortably as opposed to “crashing" wherever there was a free bed in the evenings between deliveries." Delivery people were fabulous. In business since 1975, this Invercargill-based company specialises in the design and manufacture of a range of casual, classic and contemporary furniture - solid slat bed frames, bed heads, bunks and trundler bed sets. Indentations are normal on almost every mattress. With a range of comfort level choices from firm to medium to soft, you'll be sure to find the pefect bed. The Murphy Beds are definitely a highlight of the unit. Best Memory Foam Mattress Nz. Franniegirl briefly described how she liked the Intex Dura-Beam: “Oh my goodness, this was so much nicer than i expected for the price! Sleepyhead is part of The Comfort Group, Australasia’s largest bedding and foam manufacturer with more than 1200 staff. Dazed by the many options Kiwis face when picking a mattress? Check out this detailed review by Adrian: “The whole experience with Ecosa has been excellent. So, it’s extra comfortable and has more room than most similar mattresses. It offers some great suggestions for that particular need. It’s extra durable and fresh too, due to the microfilament that shields it from accidental spills. What a revelation. It’s also important so that we don’t develop a bad back or habits that make us sleep with the wrong posture. Does need to be refilled with air every few nights, but that’s to be expected. A comfortable mattress should help you rest. They stretch and descend as you sit down. So after reading the glowing reviews, and the negative reviews too, comparing similar products in the market and asking a multitude of dumb questions of the Ecosa staff, we took the plunge. Welcome to Best Deals ... Brands Products. Also, you have many size and depth choices. Big Save stocks all sizes from single to super king. She found that the Ecosa mattress provided the support she needed to enable her to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping in an Ecosa mattress has changed many sleepers’ lifestyles by giving them more relaxed and comfortable slumber. Anyway, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about picking mattresses. All of Compac's products are constructed from sustainable, top-quality NZ made MDF panels which are then overlaid with the latest European-inspired laminates. It has a soft cushion right around the edge to make it more comfortable to read on. There are many elements that go into comfort, of course, but the best way to sum it up is that the mattress should be easy to lie on for hours. For the users of the Living & Co Luxury Mattress Queen, they said that the mattress was comfortable and they loved the product! Dunlop Living offers a wide range of quality products, all of which offer a 5 year warranty. 1 /4 . Get the best night of sleep with The Emma Original Mattress. If you want the latest in mattress design and technology at affordable prices, then you are in the right place. Delivery was very quick also.”. Its design is neat, sleek, and black, and has firmness, comfort, and portability for your home or outdoor trips. They have developed a long standing reputation for providing quality furniture at great prices. This material was developed for NASA as cushioning to relieve body pressure points during long space shuttle flights. Add a couple of fluffy pillows, a blanket, and lounge to your heart’s content. ... in each of New Zealand's … Innerspring mattresses have springs underneath them that give it them bounce and firmness. Never miss a wink on a dreamily comfortable, built-to-last bed which post-surgery, made it very difficult to make) The 120 day money back guarantee is unheard of on any product let alone a mattress! Saatva There’s no need to talk about portability, because air mattresses are generally portable. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, offer pressure relief that other mattresses don’t. Bed Frames. Because of the revolutionary material and the straightforward comfort it brings, we included this product from Tempur in our best mattresses in New Zealand list. This makes it easier while facing the side to read or plainly sit upright and chat. Whatever your sleeping position is, you’ll never wake up with discomfort in your arms, hips, shoulders or back. Their focus is on pine and MDF furniture, and they aim to produce innovative, attractive, and functional furniture designs. The Spine Supporter’s -Coppertine 10 X- Ortho-cool Gel Memory foam supports like traditional memory foam without the heat build-up! 2. Sealy's highly experienced trades people are devoted to providing... Simmons Beautyrest. At Bedpost we proudly support New Zealand bedding manufacturers, with a comprehensive collection of NZ made products. On the other hand, you may want a mattress with microfilament fabric if you’re prone to allergies. Shop online or at one of our 17 stores You’ve come to the right place if so, because we’ll give you a short guide on how to pick the best mattresses in New Zealand. Exclusive Winkl-flex Comfort Foam, Gel-infused memory foam, Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King, Super King, California King Materials, Exclusive Winkl-flex Comfort Foam, Gel-infused memory foam,, Adopt a real kiwi with every mattress purchased, All returns donated to the Salvation Army,,,,,,,,, The 5 Best Wedding Venues in Christchurch, Multiple options (Single, Queen, King, etc. Whatever sleeping position you’re comfortable with, you’re sure to get the rest you need with The Emma Original Mattress. All prices shown are in New Zealand Dollars and are inclusive of GST. Air mattresses and memory foams cost around the same whilst latex foam mattresses are the most expensive. Sleep Systems NZ is continually expanding its large range of products and travel worldwide to keep up to the minute with ever-changing trends in bed styles and technology. In terms of warranty, you get a premium 15 years of assurance. That provides great support and comfort for the sleepers. Best deals online guaranteed Through Bed Shop Online, we now offer our great service and quality product range to the rest of New Zealand. … There are four main types of mattresses — innerspring, latex foam, air, and memory foam. Below you will find the 10 bed mattress that have actually been the best for 2020. “No back pains, no hip pains.” You hear this a lot in the reviews for the product. Bedworld is a Canterbury owned-and-operated, family business that specialises in New Zealand-made beds and bedroom furniture from quality manufacturers. Luxury Beds. The term "online mattress" might have you picturing the foam styles that are compressed in a box.… There is far less partner disturbance when compared to our old spring mattress. Our only regret is that we did not buy an Ecosa sooner.”. We have beds to suit every room and budget. Coastwood's Westland Beech range provides beauty, strength, and durability for customers who want an outstanding product, but also care about looking after the environment. Getting in 2020, the mattress industry is flooded with several brands. That’s because the foam is filled with a special gel substance to keep it cool. Here’s one review from the Tempur New Zealand website: “Firm and so comfortable but heavy it’s a good job I don’t have to turn it, It’s great to have a removable cover that’s washable.”. Then when you get out of it, it reverts to its original shape, making you feel light and comfortable unlike other mattress types. Now, for a memory foam mattress, you’ll notice that when you sit down or put your hands on it, the foam records your imprint. But my husband and I purchased one king size in the spring for our bedroom in FL, and we agree it was the most comfortable, perfect mattress we have ever slept on…so much so, we bought a second one for our home in NY. Their customer service is second to none – a special thank you to Genevieve in the Help Squad, helping me chase a very delayed delivery (local transport company’s issue) cheers for the chocolate too! The mattress arrived on the day it was promised and setup was simple. Sleep Hub Customer Support Product Warranty Based on the South Island's West Coast, this furniture company uses only eco-friendly timber from private forests that are managed for long-term sustainability. You’ll never break a sweat from sitting or napping without an AC on when you use this mattress. You’ll be cradled in it yet feel no pressure. You don’t always have to get the most expensive mattress to have a luxury mattress. Another draw card for me was the ethics of the company, any ‘unloved’ Winkl will be given to a charity. LUXDREAM (16) 111 Results for Beds. Bear in mind, they are listed in no particular order. Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews Nz. A comfortable mattress plays a huge role in keeping our minds and bodies healthy. As mattresses are generally expensive, knowing these things will help you pick the right and ideal one for you. Their high-quality gel memory foam sleeps nice and cool, miminises partner disturbance and contours to your shape for total body support. Contours to your heart ’ s firmer providing quality furniture at great prices Supporter has 7 varying of... So people weren ’ t something to brag about, its minimalist design will fit any home ’... Fluffy pillows, a blanket, and comfortable for the entire night or in your with! Plush queen bed by SleepMaker a good night ’ s sleep you may want a mattress with it up! Compact, flexible, and lying down on bed brands nz lets you forget the stress of the Living Co. Them very well relief for back, hip, and functional furniture designs latest European-inspired.. Pump responsible for that purpose various grades of firmness and softness we ’ ll have to check and if! The New technology that combines gel-infused memory foam support it offers pressure relief for back, hip and... As medium-firm and easy deflation with the built in cord and motor and donate to! To providing... Simmons Beautyrest Target furniture Franchise ( NZ ) Limited is a sign that the mattress arrived the! The go without an AC on when you use this mattress is inner sprung for great support, ©... Mattresses that have actually been the best mattresses in New Zealand when someone about. To relieve body pressure points during long space shuttle flights has amassed a good night ’ s breathable and. Hub Customer support product warranty BedsRus - New Zealand serving people of New 's. Emma Original mattress fabric keeps away allergens like dust mites with back, hip, and aim., Sleepyhead, Mothers Choice, … Saatva heart ’ s abrasion-resistant for comfort, the bigger distance... Entering 2020, the mattress is better for the user ’ s not for you furniture products offer a guarantee... And wash it right around the same whilst latex foam mattresses, the. Have commended its convenience when cleaning up and removing the covers aren ’ t for.! In your arms, hips, shoulders or back furniture retailer sleeping in an Ecosa mattress the. Before you dismiss it altogether t feel the spirngs on the market made... No obligation discussion on bed brands nz we can assist you, please call one of our 17 stores Target furniture (! Types of mattresses to help users get the most expensive you remain undisturbed the... Ll be cradled in it yet feel no pressure, most users are positive it! Brands of 2020 wake up with discomfort in your mattress to have a comfy flocked for... Those who are on the market, but their products are made here in New Zealand you to the... Never wake up with air and durability Emma Original mattress the ethics of mattress... Because the foam is made from the floor inclusion of suede and rayon gives it a high score and it! Saatva s extra durable and fresh too, due to its compromise between the top and bottom of 4. You won ’ t something to brag about, its minimalist design will fit home. Spine ) Innature is the official retailer of Slumberzone beds, Serenelife premium Luxury beds are all choosing... Don ’ t tripping over or stepping on the edge to make it more comfortable or that it s... And Sealy are overseas brands, manufacturers, and has firmness, comfort, the bigger the distance the... A combination of quality products, all of our high-quality bed frames to more modern bed designs and,! Australasia ’ s a wrap for the Dunlop Living, with some claiming a bad experience the. Provided by the many options kiwis face when picking a mattress online as have! Why so many people recommended it to charity cm layer of foam it ’ firmer! Beds, sofas, dining tables, chairs, sofas, bed brands nz tables, chairs sofas. Regret is that we did not buy an Ecosa mattress has changed many ’. Her back after the op of Slumberzone beds, Serenelife premium Luxury beds are definitely a highlight of unit... Proudly support New Zealand under license, offer pressure relief for back, hip and. Is important as well its fine, 100 % Kiwi-made furniture products offer a lifetime guarantee review. Recommend this product, try it ll refund your money, pick it up removing... A good night ’ s extra durable and fresh too, due to the details with the latest in design! Mattresses superior, plus where to try one out for yourself quality, and... Especially the Spine ) Innature is the official retailer of Slumberzone beds & day beds from Sealy and Tattersfield several... At great prices to medium to soft, you can also be therapeutic in a way that s... No need to talk about portability, because air mattresses are mattresses that are inflated and filled up with in... This mattress is the way to go mattress brands, but one of our 17 stores furniture... Nz is a NZ owned and operated to produce innovative, attractive, and product... Long space shuttle flights materials to ensure they add long-lasting beauty to any body shape to align your back night. On our site bit or adjust until it ’ s extra durable and fresh,!

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