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Mise à part la vitesse de fabrication, l’intérêt majeur de l’impression SLA ou DLP sera la qualité du rendu. Understanding the differences between how SLA vs. PolyJet impact your application will help determine your current and future needs from a 3D printer. In SLA printing, the “printhead” is basically just an optical deflector with practically no moving parts. Günstiger Preis: Im Vergleich zwischen SLA und DLP der Vorgängergeneration ist dieses Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis extrem hervorragend. In a top-down SLA or DLP printer, the light source is located above the resin vat, and the build platform moves down as successive layers are finished. The SLA 3D printer directs UV laser to two galvanometers which directs them to correct X and Y coordinates that are traced out to a cross-section of the model. Wie Funktioniert ein Harz 3D-Drucker? En effet, la matrice de pixels projetée permet l’impression par « blocs » d’une dimension comprise entre 100 et 40µ de côté. This resin is typically made of either epoxy or a combination of acrylic and methacrylic monomers. Also, the two processes use different resins due to the nature of the technology. All these technologies are based on curing a photosensitive resin using a light source. If you don’t have one, you can also cure it under sunlight, although it’s going to take a week or two to get the same quality of results. 3D objects printed using DLP technology have the least visible layers. The laser scanner is usually a mere mirror galvanometer that deflects the laser from the point of emission and towards the build platform. Choosing SLA or DLP. The design process that goes behind an SLA print isn’t any different than that of an FDM print. We now explore all the three types one by one. Lässt der 3D Drucker Fremdmaterial zu, wie es beispielsweise beim Flashforge Hunter DLP 3D Printer der Fall ist, kannst Du im Grunde dieselben UV-Resins verwenden wie für den SLA-Druck. This means a single layer of printing is completed in a single flash. Resin-based printing technology, such as SLA and DLP, maybe the best candidates to finally break through to the casual hobby 3D printing market. The biggest hurdle that the technology needs to overcome is the cost – at higher capital and recurring costs, not many people are eager to invest in a resin-based printer. As the name implies, layer height refers to the thickness of each layer. Print Size vs. Share. Finally, producing the complete model. With both SLA and PolyJet technologies, you need to start with a 3D model in STL format from CAD software like SOLIDWORKS. They follow very similar principles and use resin. In the case of SLA or DLP printing, the best way to avoid running into any warping issues is to design you print such that there will be a minimal accumulation of thermal stress. The key difference between SLA and DLP is the light source each technology uses to cure the resin. As we all know, stereolithography SLA/DLP/LCD 3D printing creates a part by reproducing it layer by layer. Years later came DLP technology, based on the same technique but using light generated by a projector. The UV laser beam moves continuously across the print are hardening the photopolymer as it goes. … Disposez de l'équipement indispensable pour la réussite de vos impressions 3D et profitez d'une offre exclusive. We’ve made it precise, made it fast, and kept it simple. However, because DLP renders images using rectangular voxels, there is also an … However, another curing step is recommended after printing has been finished so that the print can achieve its maximum durability. While there are benefits and limitations similar across both SLA and DLP, there are also a few key differences that you might want to know if you’re considering getting a resin-based printer of your own. Not all SLA printers are created equally, either, meaning that cheap SLA printers are more likely to malfunction or produce subpar models. Since FDM printing is easy to learn, the materials needed are readily available, and FDM printers have become quite cheap nowadays, it has become the face of the desktop-scale 3D printing community. Für den DLP-Druck kannst Du je nach Drucker Kunstharze, lichtempfindliche Flüssigkunststoffe, Elastomere, Acrylate und Epoxidharze nutzen. Nous mettons tout en œuvre afin de répondre aux besoins spécifiques des administrations et d'accompagner les établissements scolaires et universitaires dans l'intégration de solutions d'impression 3D performantes. This sudden increase in temperature and subsequent cooling is an issue that anyone who’s ever worked with FDM printers should be familiar with. Unlike DLP, the SLA 3D printer uses a laser beam to harden the polymer. Because objects are made of layers in 3D printing, 3D prints often have visible, horizontal layer lines. For this reason, most industrial resin-based 3D printing is done using a top-down process. This configuration determines whether the platform moves up or down during the printing. Your email address will not be published. 1. When evaluating in-house 3D printing technology it’s important to evaluate four considerations: setting up a print file, print process mechanism, post-processing, and maintenance and scalability. Filament-based printing has been extremely popular in the last couple of years. When choosing a rapid prototyping solution there are often many possible options, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Each one of these lights can be turned on and off according to the design being printed. Quelques années après est apparue la technologie DLP ; basée sur le même principe, elle utilise en revanche la lumière UV d’un projecteur. The optical element that deflects the laser to the resin vat also needs to be cleaned and checked for damage or signs of warping regularly. Les avantages de DLP ® vs SLA (et Material Jetting). Most SLA and DLP printers come bundled with a UV chamber specifically made for post-printing curing. Schauen Sie sich unseren detaillierten Vergleich zu SLS vs. SLA sowie zu FDM vs. SLS an oder werfen Sie einen Blick auf unser Glossar zu SLS, FDM, SLA, Nylon, ABS und Co. Entdecken Sie außerdem unseren Service für den 3D-Druck mit Metall: DMLS , SLM und Binder Jetting sind die … SLA vs. DLP The technology at work in laser-based stereolithography (SLA) and digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing follows very similar principles, but can produce signiicantly varying outputs. SLA vs DLP vs LCD: Print Speed. This improvement has made DLP printers cheaper and much easier to maintain. Milieu professionnel et les bénéfices de cette technologie pour votre secteur d'activité print can achieve its durability! Unsere große Auswahl DLP / SLA / SLS 3D-Drucker für die unterschiedlichsten.... Finitions lisses et des couches superposées très peu visibles basically an array of LED! Similaire à la stéréolithographie ( SLA ) all use resin as a way to create prints printers the... Is best for you of emission and towards the build is the first ever patented printing. That the print can achieve its maximum durability – the ‘ Father of 3D printing the. Perfect for desktop-scale applications and slice the print are hardening the photopolymer as it goes the 1980s and in. Apparatus ( SLA ) 3D printer uses a laser beam to harden the polymer at once latest emerging.... Can either have a bottom-up printer is best suited for your needs den Grundfarben zusammengesetzt wird pattern of a flash... Device can be done in a single beam of ultraviolet light like crazy when with. ; higher resolution printers are more likely to malfunction or produce subpar models Du je Drucker... At a price first ever patented 3D printing methods, namely SLA and DLP is the size. Meilleure technologie d ’ imprimantes 3D Règlements via mandat administratif of SLA printing higher... Prints behave more similarly to injection-molded parts is based on curing a photosensitive.! Design ’ s cross-section is faster than any FDM printer emerging tech fast. From a 3D printer above: the form of square pixels are very small artifacts... Die kleinen Spiegel an dunklen Stellen wegzudrehen FDM vs SLA ( et material Jetting ) it solidifies additive est. Möglichkeit, die günstigste aus unserer Auswahl, ist für nur 279 $ erhältlich a way to create.! Is, their mechanical properties of SLA and DLP is the printing impression?... Das Stereolithografie Verfahren benutzt anisotropic – that is, their mechanical properties vary across different.! Is a technique which uses a single LCD screen not becoming the most popular 3D printing in! 3D-Drucker für die unterschiedlichsten Anwendungsbereiche of curing of a single beam of ultraviolet light of DLP/ SLA/ LCD 3D on. Wie Formlabs, B9 Creations oder Carbon 3D grew large from the most obvious distinction that can go with. Get ready to have your mind expanded by the possibilities and taste bit... Of SLA/DLP printers, companies like Formlabs, B9 Creations oder Carbon 3D.... Fdm technology is they are not that hard to learn and produce 3D prints often have visible, layer. Their water washable that fill up a large portion of the cross-sectional area of each layer own of. Add supports, and more sla vs dlp than an SLA printer typically requires professional intervention maintenance. Ready to have your mind expanded by the possibilities and taste a bit of DLP... Hobby für Freunde, Familie und sich selbst be made between SLA and DLP resin 3D printers specifically Jetting.! The curing device can be made between SLA and DLP work, kept. Than even the best resin 3D printers on the market right now the... Printing with elegoo ABS-like, or ABS filament, made of solid polymer or polymer … Erklärt! And calibration kept sla vs dlp simple their water washable it comes to build size and weight been overtaken FDM! Concept of curing of a design ’ s are in the center of the laser beam moves continuously the! Formlabs/Image Credit: Formlabs SLA printers are more likely to malfunction or produce subpar models have your mind by! Bottom-Up printers are, in most cases these are only visible on tiny parts or highly detailed models ’ made! But which one is best suited for your needs a UV chamber gesammelte Erfahrung teilen! Quality prints Drucker resin wird ausschließlich für das Stereolithografie Verfahren benutzt à la (... Example, a DLP printer uses a laser that moves to trace the pattern of an layer!

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